(WANTED: a hope for Illari) is a comic that talks about Illari, 
Illari is a teenage girl from Cusco, who in her school vacations searches for a job to support her family, but gets trapped in a fake job offer and she is sent to a illegal mining camp in the region next to Cusco, Madre de Dios, where she gets sexually exploited and forced to work long hours. 
This comic has been published and printed with the help of the Ministerio del Interior del Peru (MININTER) [Ministry of Internal Affairs of Peru] and is being used in schools with children and teeangers as a part of the materials for visivilization of human trafficking in the country. This material is included in the National Strategic Plan against Human trafficking in Peru. This comic has a version in Quechua that will be used in prevention campaigns in all Cusco region. Also, the Ministry is planning to do an animated version of the comic to be distribubted virtually to continue raising the awareness about the issue throughout the country. 
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