This was my research project and production of a comic about human trafficking in Cusco Peru. I did the research, interviews, travel and illustrated many of the date, people, places as a journay that later was added to the thesis. This dissertation was fortunate to be supported by the Peruvian Ministry of the Interior (MININTER) in the second phase.
This publication contains the step-by-step research methodology of the comic creation and includes all the information that I have collected, which covers a travel to Cusco, several interviews, bibliography, workshops, films documentation, etc. With my thesis advisor, we believe that this publication could be considered a ‘‘hybrid’’ between a research dissertation and a 'Practice Report' because in reality I feel that it has a bit of both. I did this written work for receiving my diploma in the Design and Illustration Master from Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain.
The interviews
Communicators, lawyers, psychologists, teachers, etc. 
I had the opportunity to interview a large number of professionals working on the issue relate to human trafficking in Cusco and Lima.Through their experiences I was able to realize the shortcomings they have to carry out their work, but in spite of that, the personal commitment of each one for the welfare of their community is admirable. I was also able to interview two survivors of trafficking who told me about their experiences and what life has been like for them since they were trafficked and what their lives have been like after they were rescued. Here are some excerpts:
In the book "Can Graphic Design Save Your Life?'' asked precisely that question of several visual experts, designer and educator Nick Bell responded: ''Traditionally, the discipline of design has obeyed an after-the-event model. In this service model service, it's as if there was no design to be done if we didn't have a requirement from the client to respond to, so designers have focused on just that and have become dependent on "solving" the "problems" framed by a commission as their source of purpose. However, times are changing. Design is in the process of becoming much more than the practice, called upon to solve technical problems... Design is also imagination, long-term vision and, through vision and, through emergence, transformation. Design is becoming more about creating futures in which everyone can be included.
As Nick Bell rightly says, since we started our careers in visual visual communication, we started training to respond to the clients' requirements and help them to communicate clearly what they want to offer or sell, but there's a parallel in those projects. The space that is opening up for designers and visual artists is incredible. Which is why a visual communication professional must take a holistic look of any subject he or she wants to lead and must be prepared for a multidisciplinary projects in all types of fields, ready to work ready with all types of professionals, using work and research methodologies that may not be very close in our field, but in case you want to work on an independent project we have to be the ones who decide what information is relevant and which should be discarded, using the right tools and with creativity all types of information can be synthesized and brought to visuality in a simple.
As a designer and illustrator I have always worked on a commission basis, but the final project of the Master gave me the opportunity to do my own research on a social issue that I wanted to make visible.

I was involved in all the phases of the project, from choosing the research methodology, doing the interviews, choosing the material to be used, creating the technical script, illustration, design and finally, layout. All this effort was supported by an organization that saw in this product a suitable material for the visibilization of human trafficking, in other words, a need was created before a client's requirement, which is an interesting starting point for new visual narratives.
You can see the full tesis
disertation here:

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