Since I started creating comics my goal was always to improve my drawing skills, the truth is that I wasn't interested in anything else 😂 I always thought I was an illustrator first and never saw myself as a “writer”, but finally last year I decided that if I wanted go to the next level in my comics the ‘written part’ also needed attention. 

So I enrolled in the online ‘Course in Screenplay Writing’ of the FTII in #India and oh dear… that course has surprised me in many ways!, what I thought, very naively, would be a practical handful of writing techniques (which it also had) has caused an internal movement and a yearning to continue persisting in creating and above all in knowing myself better because is in the common place where the best stories are baked. Could it be that the 'Trilce writer' has born in me?

And a standing ovation to Sahil because having a teacher who was more than a teacher was a facilitator of a safe space, inspired us to have the platform to create freely, besides the man is brilliant👌🏽 100% recommended!!!

So this is just a little drawing/tribute/visualnotes from the first day of the course, so you can see how good it was.
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